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Peter has spent the last 9 months working out how parenting works. Now desensitised to the stink of poo, he is back on the stand-up scene.


As well as having a lot less sleep, rarely knowing what day it is and sharing far too many pictures of yet another baby, Peter has been writing plenty more gags and is well on the road to scripting a sitcom too.


And the brilliant, quirky comedy sci-fi film 'Feminie Incite' in which Peter stars alongside Laura Patch (Star Stories, New Tricks, The IT Crowd), Howard Corlett (Eastenders, Casualty), Neil Burgess (Waking The Dead, Stella Street, Life Begins) is set to be released in June.


And, to top it all off nicely, he was awarded Best Lead Actor at the Independent Series Awards ceremony in Los Angeles for playing Paul in the comedy drama 3some. This was Peter's third Best Actor award for this role since the series began in 2013.

'Feminine Incite', to be released June 2016, starring Peter, alongside TV comedy actress Laura Patch.

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Peter on set of the Primagaz commercial in Belgium.

3some title

Above, the multi award winning show, '3some'.


Click the photo for the official website to watch the episodes & more!

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The lead cast of new sitcom, 'Small Village'.

Peter as host on a QI style game show as part of a commercial for KIA.

     18th July

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Rest assured, the gigs will start appearing on here thick & fast from June/July onwards!


Filming the A1 commercial as Bob, the home surfer!

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Above, Peter's acting showreel containing several comedic roles as well as straight, drama pieces.


Click here or on the picture to watch the video.

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