Peter Halpin


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24th February



Wenlock & Essex, 18-26 Essex Road, London, N1 8LN

Peter has begun 2015 with a bit of a bang!


He has filmed a promotional video for Cancer Awareness, playing a British version of Phil Dunphy in 'Modern Famliy'. The comedic, albeit of course sensitive, final piece will be live online for February.


Peter has also just returned from Antwerp in Belgium from filming on a comedy TV commercial for Primagaz. This will also be available for all to see online from early February. (It will also be on telly in Belgium, if you happen to be there later this year!)


And, as well as the stand-up gigs coming up, you can see Peter live at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden in new sitcom 'Small Village' on 30th & 31st January.


Plus, he was awarded the Best Actor Lead Actor award at the ISA Award ceremony in Los Angeles for playing Paul in the comedy drama 3some, his third Best Actor award for this role since it began in 2013.

Peter with his on-screen sons behind the scenes on the Cancer Awareness shoot.


10th March




photo 3

Peter on set of the Primagaz commercial in Belgium.

photo 3some title

Above, the multi award winning show, '3some'. Click the photo for the official web site to watch the episodes and much more!

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The lead cast of new sitcom, 'Small Village'.

Peter as host on a QI style game show as part of a commercial for KIA.