Peter Halpin



Peter has recently been on paternity leave...


...But he's coming back!


As he has his Dad jokes and Dad dancing skills pretty much down to a T,  he thought it would be a good idea to actually become a Dad.


But worry ye not; Mother & Baby have insisted he takes his material out of the house and back out to you, the pun-loving public, and he'll be back on stage for

'Stand Up On The Strand' at The Lighthouse in Walmer, Kent on 18th July



* * * * *

"Fantastic one liner"

"Peter's brilliantly written jokes are a breath of fresh air - it's impossible not to laugh!"

"hugely entertaining"

"Peter Halpin is the pun master"

"Peter Halpin - a master of one-liners."

"natural heir to Tim Vine & Milton Jones, a prolific writer & great performer of one-liners, certainly one to watch"

[Martin Mullaney, Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club]

[City Showcase]

[The Watford Observer]

[The Birmingham Post]

[Laughter File]

[Chuckle & Hoot]

"He's handsome and very funny. There really is nothing to like about this man."

[Mark Dolan, comedian]